About Hakifa

Hakifa means “thank you” in one African languagerandimg1

Our daughter had eczema since she was five years old. We tried all kinds of products and creams to heal her eczema without any success. We then tried West Africa shea butter to treat it and the results were amazing, and the whole family is using shea butter now.

Our products are made with the highest quality of unrefined all natural African shea butter. We make small batches at a time to ensure the quality of our product. All of our products are cold pressed and chemical free. There are two kind of shea butter, white and yellow.

White shea butter is refined and consequently doesn’t have all healing properties that yellow shea butter has, so Hakifa products are made with yellow shea butter. We want the absolute best for our costumers, a quality cosmetic cream with full value.

Our Products

All products are made with 100% yellow natural shea butter, imported directly from West Africa. Hakifa products are creamy, soft, and whipped. We will use essential oils or fragrance oil, and we offer many different scents: lavender, lemongrass, vanilla, jasmine, mango-papaya, banana-caramel.


Shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E.

Hakifa shea butter cream contains no chemicals, preservatives, or alcohol.

Shipping Information

Hakifa Inc. uses regular Canada Post mail to deliver your products. All orders will arrive within 3 to 7 business days.

Company Information

HAKIFA INC is registered company since 2011
Oakville, Ontario, Canada