Here’s What Our Amazing Customers Have To Say

I would like to Thank You for your product Hakifa. Actually, my mom thanks you because she has used for years to find a product that would help with her Noxzema with her hands but she has been unsuccessful. Many prescriptions from the doctor did not help. Finally her hands are looking better than ever. That cream is amazing!

Yvon, Dundas, ON


I bought the shea butter cream for my mother because her skin was irritated. Whipped shea butter has been a tremendous help. She loves it and she even buys some for her friends.

Seinab, Hamilton, ON


I was starting using Hakifa almost a year ago. I’ve used it for everything from my dry hands, and feet to chaffed skin on my face from cold symptoms. I’ve seen a difference in my skin since using it.

Krystal, Hamilton, ON


I was referred by a friend, shea butter is remarkable product and it protects my skin from winter. I’m not disappointed. I will buy again.

Leila, Montreal, QC

I have used shea butter products in the past from several different retail outlets and found shea butter to be superior to most moisturizers. Unfortunately, I still had to rely on other products during the dry winter months in order to keep dry itchy skin at bay. After using Hakifa Shea Butter for a year I have not had to purchase any other product. Hakifa shea butter is superior to any other shea butter product I have tried. Also, it is price comparable. When I viewed the website it came across as a very reliable and professional marketable product.

Lori, Hamilton, ON


Using this cream has helped me with my bad dry skin. I use this product everyday leaving my skin feeling nice and soft.

Donna, ON Canada


I use Hakifa to help soothe irritation after shaving. The lavender scent leaves me feeling refreshed and soft. Hakifa’s use of all natural products, in particular the shea butter, made it an instantly appealing choice for me. This makes it a fun refreshing gift for my friends and family that I can feel good about giving.

Adam, Grimsby, ON